About Us

Blossom Earrings is a handmade clay earring business based in the UK. Our earrings are hand crafted from start to finish and come in small batches to help minimise waste. Any offcuts from earrings are made into one of a kind pieces which can be found in the zero waste collection. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, even the tape! 


Meet The Maker

Blossom Earrings is a small business in the UK run by myself, Chloe. As a 2020 graduate, I started to make earrings after completing my studies in Public Relations and enjoyed finding a creative outlet in my new found spare time. All of our products are designed and made by myself in small batches at home and I love creating seasonal pieces and collections to fit any style. What originally began as a new hobby has evolved into an amazing small business and I'm always so grateful for the support I have received in such a short time. It means the world to me whenever I receive an order and I love that my creations are loved by others.